Clapper hacked: US Intelligence director’s personal e-mail and phone breached


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I’m really trying to muster some sympathy for Clapper, but I ain’t got none.


If the bulk contents were dumped to wikileaks, with the shoe on the other foot would he learn any empathy for what he does to everyone else?


“In support of the Palestine cause”, eh?


A group of hackers calling themselves “Crackas With Attitude”

Pro top guys: forget about making up names for yourselves. Cut the cord right now. Go dark and stay dark. Don’t ever use your current identities again.


Yeah, I read this and all I was thinking was, “Damn it, only his personal email and phone? I hope that they got something good on him. I hope that they at least uses a backdoor that the American government forced someone to put in to hack him.”


This isn’t a problem, right?

I’m sure he follows all the op-sec rules separating work and personal computer information. If not, he should be fired for base incompetence.



Shouldn’t be be fired for lying to Congress?

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