Class Apples is the only album made completely on the Apple II

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I remember programming my Apple II E to play Star Wars and other songs at school.

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Nowhere on the website does it say what type of Apple ][ was used. Or did I miss that info?

On a sidenote, did you know this album artwork was created on an Apple II?

It really doesn’t matter which model of II was used so long as it wasn’t a IIgs, which would be cheating.

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That’s what I was thinking.

but it would sound awesome. (as long as you like 8 bit)

Did you program it to play the imperial march when a particularly unpopular teacher came in?

LOL, no. Just the main theme. I LOVED Mrs. Tickle. Yes that was here real name. I loved BASIC. I was great at it. I did animated little pictures, I guess pre-GIFs. I had a short high res choose your own adventure. The sad thing was my mom told me she was using my stuff as an example like 6 years after I left Middle School. Sad in that they were still on Apple IIe computers.


I didn’t have a computer class until HS, and I think it was apples, but I can’t remember. I also don’t think we did any programming at all. It was all basic usage kind of stuff. And it was taught by the football coach, not someone delightful called Mrs. Tickle!

Harriet was my HS teacher. It was BASIC programming on the IBM. Which I again excelled at. I made a working Tick Tack Toe game. Sadly, when I got into a real language, I was too busy screwing around and didn’t really pick it up very well and lost interest. OH well.

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Lo-fi for lo-fi’s sake?

FWIW, there was various hardware for music making for Apple ][, samples include

Also software for digital audio recording and playback, one example here

My own first introduction to the idea of digital audio was an executable that played a very low bit rate sample of the intro of Van Halen’s Aint Talkin Bout Love.

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The acid test for any music is whether it is possible to make a truly bad cover version of it or not. The really good stuff is indestructible; the brilliance of the original always shines through at least a bit.

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