Class War in Progress: The Market Basket family feud and related worker revolt



The United States need more class war. It is a great country, full of hard working, honest and creative people. It is sad and incomprehensible the widening gap between the struggling middle class and the rising elites.

Go workers! Unite and fight. Defend your rights. Not only the right to bear arms, but one way more important: the Right to Dignity. The right to a fair wage, an affordable healthcare and quality education for your children.


Seems like something that needs support from everyone. Show the 1% that it’s time for a change and that the 99% are the ones who will do it!


This is the working class fighting back, and it looks like
they will either win, or make sure EVERYBODY loses equally.

I’m not sure everyone loses equally. When you sit on the board I’m pretty sure you already have a decent amount of money/assests, so even if it’s a waiting game and the company folds the higher ups pack up and move on, while all the peasants are left with a lot of nothing. While I’m sure cashiers are in higher demand than company VPs, I’m guessing the latter is better connected.


Greed is a monster.


Yeah- The owners are all multimillionaires at this point, which is why it’s so infuriating that they want to go the “squeeze every last penny” route.

It’s just that I can’t remember ever hearing of another time when the workers replied by doing their best to take the company down with them before it could happen. People are outraged enough and we’re getting enough regional politicians involved that I think the ASD side of the family will be considered poison to anyone looking at business or political opportunities. EVERYBODY agrees that the company was doing great up until this point.

I really, really hope that their name ends up being forever whispered as part of a cautionary tale.


I was going to say that we need a new “Mother Jones”, but I like Lucy Parsons’ spunk a bit more:
From Utah Phillips Shoot or Stab Them “song”:

“One time, she was speaking at a big May Day rally back in the Haymarket in the middle 1930s during The Depression. She was incredibly old. She was led carefully up to the rostrum, a multitude of people there. She had her hair tied back in a tight white bun, her face a mass of deeply incised lines, deep-set beady black eyes. She was the image of everybody’s great-grandmother. She hunched over that podium, hawk-like, and fixed that multitude with those beady black eyes, and said: “What I want is for every greasy grimy tramp to arm himself with a knife or a gun and stationing himself at the doorways of the rich shoot or stab them as they come out.”

Arthur T. was replaced with the former president of Radio Shack

Real life outstrips The Onion yet again.


It’s great to have a reason to think perhaps America’s underclass have finally had enough of being raped, pillaged and plundered…



This says volumes. I wouldn’t even trust the business acumen of anyone who had shopped at a Radio Shack in the last 20 years.


Hey, now, sometimes you need an amber LED bulb today, not is several days from the internet. We’re blessed with having one RS in town with an owner/operator with 30+ years experience at the same shop.


The thing is that this is such a reasonable thing to ask for… pay taxes. That’s all. Pay their fair share of the maintance of the country. It’s pretty tame and reasonable, if you think about it. But the way some people talk about it, you’d think we’re asking for their first born child to be crucified!


Gooch of Radio Shack ? Well let’s see Radio Shack Stock is $1.00 per share and more than likely RSA will go out of business within 12 months.

Market Basket sees an end to the family business with no more DeMoulas family in line or interest. What better way to cash in than raise prices and reduce worker benefits ? Removing the value of this company then creating debt is simply a precursor to folding up the company.

EACH board member (6) last year received a 50 million dollar bonus. The workers deserved some portion of that money. Most people do not realize that corporations are paper and the real company are the people that make it work. The workers.


We still use our local radio shack for the odd SD card or device cable. Id rather spend $19.99 on an HDMI cable from Radio Shack than the same cable with the MONSTER logo on it at Best Buy for $149.99.

So while I agree the former pres of RS doesn’t have a track record of good business acumen, I do still think there is a place and need for a place like Radio Shack.

If they keep up that kind of talk, things might come to that…

Or at least they might miss out on 98% of the ridiculous inheritance of an empire.

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They still sell those things? Last time I peeked inside a Radio Shack it was basically just a place where clueless clerks tried to pressure people into buying crappy cell phones.

(1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.

Article 1, German Constitution

We got that over here (mostly). Seems like you would fit right in.

Only problem: Dirty socialists all around here in Germany/Europe.

You gotta know where the old-timers are still running it. We have several for clueless jerks to buy shitty cell phones at, but one diamond in the rough where you can still get everything you need for your next LED throwie.


Latest news:

The company has announced a 3 day job fair, with two days for current employees to reapply for their jobs, and one for new applicants.

The boycott is continuing to cause massive losses for the company, and shows no signs of slowing down. A crowdfunding campaign to run a pro-boycott advertisement in the Lowell Sun more than tripled their goal, raising $10k within four hours.

Even Robert Reich has weighed in, via his Facebook page.


I am so glad I will not be at the Demoulas’ holiday gatherings this year. Geez !
For the love of whomever, both your families have billions to argue about
among the nine of you while the lowly people are giving up careers and I’m paying 50 cents more a pound for apples at places I hate to be at.
How are you people sleeping at night and where are you buying your food?
COME ON ! Get it together. How much money do you need ? Billions isn’t enough ?
Your Great Grand parents must be spinning in their graves. This was not their intent.
You have dragged all of us into your family feud, thanks, like I don’t have
enough problems within my own family.
With all the stuff going on in the world right now, again, come on. Let it end.
Give us back our old Demoulas. We’re not asking for much and you guys will all be fine.