Clean HTML layouts that use just 1 line of CSS

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Ok. now for the real trick.

Can we get all browsers and email apps to support the same set of CSS please?


Hahahahahahhahaha. Oh. Man. Wait. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaa. Ok. I’m done. Thanks for the laugh. Also crying.


Well, technically nobody said how LONG the 1 line could be.


…And that’s it. Close down the thread, the discussion is done. The above is all that needs to be said.

html being made mention of here provides the opportunity to inquire: What’s up with (best beloved!) boing-boing’s webpage loading twitch dance? There is simply no other website more likely to play: “Aha! can’t click this link! [dance up] can’t click this link! [twitch down] [up] [down] [up]… hahah! …can’t click this!” It’s latent ad loading or image loading or some-such, and it’s really annoying. (For what it’s worth: Firefox 78.0.1 (64-bit) linux)


Yeah, I mean, if you minify your CSS/SCSS it’s just one line too. Same with your Javascript.

Reminds me of the glory days of obfuscated C contests.

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Great, a 20+ min video on minimalist layouts. Now if we could just get a 1 min video on how to use the most CSS/page I’d be happy.


Yeah this headline is misleading. These layouts don’t use a single line of CSS – it’s just that each one relies on one specific CSS line, e.g.

grid-template-columns: minmax(150px, 25%) 1fr;

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