Cleartone Coated Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings


“36% louder”! I guess they go way past 11, almost to 14!

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll look into these. As an occasional player, corrosion resistance is the key to me getting god value-for-money.

Surprised this is not rolled into a ukulele post, the official BoingBoing instrument as I have been lead to believe…

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I 3D print all my own ukulele strings.


For guitar, I’ve found coated strings to be most valuable when living in proximity to salty coastlines.

When I lived much less close to the offshore breeze than the OP, I found Elixer got me max 6 months. Compared to 1-2 months for an Ernie Ball Slinkie. (yes I use electric strings on an acoustic).

OT: For the first time in 4 years, just changed the strings on le bass (and some pegs, and the bridge…).


I dig coated strings as well, but I just don’t care for the timbre of the Cleartones. There’s something very aggressively metallic to their tone that doesn’t mesh well with my (lack of) technique.

But to be fair, I didn’t like the tones of Elixers when they first started coming around. Now they’re all I use.


OT: I have a National Tricone I bought in the early 90s. It has factory strings on (minus the one that broke and I never replaced.) Mostly it sits out in my living room on show.

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Sounds interesting. And they come in 10-52s as well.


Never had the slightest bit of flakes with Elixir and I get 20 hrs/ week on them. Last for ages. Never understood the complaints.


I make them from banana peels.

Somehow I have never changed strings on guitars. That probably reflects how little I’ve played mine though.

I have a set of flat wound strings for my fretless that I’ve been meaning to put on some day because I think it’d suit my playing better.

And I just got a lap steel on Saturday that was set up for C6 tuning, which I dropped to open E – the lowest string is far too floppy and starts sharp before settling down to the right pitch. Heavier gauge strings would help with that.

I have a set of flat-wounds on my old Ampeg. They are beyond dead. But the damn thing sounds almost like an upright when the tone is rolled down. Can’t bear to change them out.

Change 'em quick! Round-wound strings will etch the fret board over time.

(And tape-wound is where the party is at. I have some fenders on now, but may slip into some Rotosound someday.)

I’ve been trying different coated strings, and for the most part I liked the D’addario’s but I still get twitchy if I go more than 30 days on a set.
Anyway, I’ll try these as soon as I can get my hands on them.

I also find the Cleartones to have an off-putting timbre. But, I love Martin SP+ strings… Beautiful tone, and the the same long-lasting super thin Cleartone coating technology.

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