Ridiculously low price for electric guitar strings

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Ten years? Why, you’ve just finally got those strings broken in…


Ships from and sold by Amazon, yet for some reason it takes three weeks to get them. Bah.

Each string ships separately.


Hitman academies would love these. Hand them out in Garroting 101.

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In a fridge size box.

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The scam here is they are “nudging” you to by 14 sets so you qualify for Amazon Prime free shipping. #That’sHowTheyGetYa.

Seriously though, a new set of guitar strings is one of life’s great simple pleasures. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, I put on a new set of strings and I discover I urgently need to spend the rest of the afternoon jamming out to Back in Black or both disks of CCR’s Greatest Hits.

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I bought two sets of guitar strings recently and haven’t gotten around to putting them on.

I’m almost afraid to–I inherited both guitars and both have seen better days. I’m missing a tuning peg on the acoustic and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it. The action on the electric is too low; I’m getting fret buzz on the low E string, and the G string goes out of tune almost instantly. On the other hand, the strings are at least seven years old and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they dated back to the nineties.

New strings will sound better. But it won’t fix the fret buzz and other ills.

Pro-tip, pick out the strings you want and give them to the guitar shop when they do the other service on your guitar. If they work on the neck they’ll throw your old crusty strings away anyways.

Lazy-tip, let the guitar shop pick out the strings. They probably use bulk strings from Fender or another name brand that is quite a bit cheaper than the individually wrapped ones. (maybe not as cheap as the Amazon ones)


Man, if you’ve got the same strings after 10 years (i.e. you’re not blowing strings constantly), here’s an idea:

Splurge on really nice strings, and don’t go for the bulk el-cheapos.

I could understand if you’re a starving musician that performs underpaid bar gigs and blows strings all the time, but if you’re not, then it just makes sense to go with good quality tools.


I believe the strings on my bass were purchased for me by my ex. But that might have been before she moved in with me in 2005. And she died five years ago. So maybe that’s why the last time I tried to play it, I discovered that null is a note, and can be played from any fret on any string.

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In 30 years of playing I’ve never had a set of strings sound bright for more than three or four weeks, acoustic or electric. Maybe I’m just a hack (strike that, I am definitely just a hack) with poor strumming technique and a penchant for gratuitous bends but 10 years seems like a shockingly long time. Do you play regularly?

Get back to me when you can find strings for a classical that has both the wound metal third but also the wound metal 2cd. A tad hard to find, but they are made by Savarez and well worth the money (they aren’t even that expensive).

You’re thinking of piano wire.

Uhh… no. I was thinking of guitar strings.


Well, you were wrong then, weren’t you.

Verbatim from wiki (which should end this discussion):

A garrote can be made out of many different materials, including ropes, cable ties, fishing lines, nylon, guitar strings, telephone cord or piano wire.

My instructors argued vociferously against the use of guitar strings.

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