"Clickbait"-esque titles work for academic papers too


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Which presupposes that it “works” elsewhere. Getting people’s attention can actually cost you if you lack anything substantive to say.


Is it wrong that the title of this post made me want to read it?


Interesting that wordplay seems to be correlated with lack of attention.


You Won’t Believe What This One Weird Old Tip, Discovered by a Clerk, Tells You About The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies: Classical Mechanics Hate Him!


This explains all those studies of sideboob.


“Want to See Spontaneous Generation in Action? Check Out These Broth Samples!”

[Picture of bottles of liquid with something ambiguously circled.]


Have you been paying attention to the election at all?


That’s a pretty nice looking plot. Does anyone know what that plot style is called, or what package you use to make it? Looks like the kind of thing you could do with ggplot or seaborn, but I don’t think I’ve seen this particular one before.


|Should’ve been: “Academic clickbait: Do articles with positively-framed titles, interesting phrasing, and no wordplay get more attention online? The SHOCKING answer will make you want to re-write that proposal!”


I would guess ggplot, using geom_jitter().


It won’t really recreate the clickbait experience until Elsevier teams up with Outbrain to ensure that half the links in major scientific publications point to Newsmax scams.

Let’s try to avoid that at all costs.




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