Clinton's camp feared Joe Biden run, worked hard to kill it

Sure. Contingent on the Democrats not bailing on their increasingly-uncomfortable relationship with increasingly socialist youth. Sanders got about 42% of the Democrat vote and that 42% largely represents the young end of the party.

If the Democrats can embrace their less conservative base, they can draw even a lot of people who considered themselves conservative (especially since the Republicans are lost in the woods on “conservativism” lately).

If not, they’re going to find themselves bleeding both leadership and voters. This election is the Democrats’ wake up call as much as 2008 was the Republicans’ (though for different reasons).

The Republicans didn’t hear their wakeup call. We’ll see if the Democrats do better (Hillary has done better but she needs to keep it up once in office).

I’m seeing hints that my local Democrats are doing better but that’s one battleground state. Young voters aren’t going to wait around forever. If the Democrats want their vote in 2018 (and the Democrats need their vote in 2018), they’re going to have to work for it.

(Not to say socialist kids will vote Republican but they may not vote at all. The more extreme end of the Lefties has never between especially keen on voting. We usually find other types of activism work better for improving middle class and lower class lives because of how indifferent elected officials often are. Every ineffective political cycle loses more passionate activists.)

I disagree with limiting presidents to people under 60 though. Why cut out the most experienced people from the job?


Jeb Bush

Are you kidding, Biden would slap the fat watery coward Trump around like an insolent red haired left handed stepchild and make him like it. Heck the Trump tag team pencilneck Trump and the bible thumper Pence
couldn’t whip granny in a fair fist fight.

If it weren’t for the private email server I think HRC would be a much stronger candidate (that’s really the only scandal she has that isn’t just typical politician behaviour), I think the other smears would still be there but not nearly as effective.

Though against Trump in particular she might actually be an unusually strong candidate. She’s basically the perfect foil for his misogyny.

It’s hard to say how Biden would have done since he’s only been VP and campaigns treat front runners to a far different level of scrutiny than the running mate. Look at Mike Pence, if Trump won Pence could become one of the most powerful VPs ever, and his bizarre, extreme, ant-abortion bills and anti-transgender laws are basically trivia answers.


He couldn’t get out of his own way in the primary with a massive financial advantage, and Clinton’s have a history of beating Bushes.

Yeah! He killed someone once.

Isn’t he voting for Trump though?


Delaware is the home of my heart, if not my physical home. I’ll always have a soft spot for Joe Biden!


Being the only non-psychopath in the field was not to his advantage, either.


For fun?

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An excellent point.

Oh, UGH, apparently so. Please strike that name off my list.


I remember hoping Biden would throw in just to give Bernie a better chance of taking the nomination. Alas.


ANOTHER October surprise!

This election season is just FULL of surprises isn’t it?


I think he didn’t run because his son died of brain cancer.



That had a lot to do with it, yes. The family actually kept it pretty quiet until they couldn’t any longer.

I’m not a huge Biden fan - I like him well enough as a person, but his IP maximalism is abhorrent to me - but it really enraged me when people started making snide comments alleging he was playing his son’s death to political advantage.


Biden would especially have problems here because he helped usher Clarence Thomas into the SCOTUS by quashing Anita Hill.

I like Biden, but I liked him better when I lived in England in the mid-80s where he went under the name Neil Kinnock.


Not a fan of this either.

Indeed. These were obviously people who never lost someone they dearly love.


Biden has a high likeability because nobody takes him seriously as a leader. He’s like the cool uncle who brings you weed or illegal fireworks. Everyone loves it when he visits, but if you found out your parents picked him to take care of you if they died you’d really start to doubt their parenting.


I would take a brief pause in my boycotting of Quentin Tarantino movies to go and see that one.