Clinton's camp feared Joe Biden run, worked hard to kill it



I don’t know. That’s “even steven” if you ask me …


Hah, no, something way more esoteric: I’ve spent a lot of time in the last 15 years trying to convince legislators to make it easier for us to distribute naloxone to people who use drugs so they can help someone having an opioid overdose, and for years I kept getting “is that the stuff that gets injected into the heart like in that Tarantino movie? No way I’m supporting that!” (it isn’t, and now it even comes in a nasal spray form, but that movie singlehandedly delayed the rollout of naloxone by about 10 years). I did warn you that it was an esoteric reason… :slight_smile:


Not a good analogy, because he’s reportedly a really stellar parent - better at it than at politicking. My sister-in-law pretty much grew up in his house, and was a close friend of Beau’s. I’d trust my kids with Joe Biden but I don’t usually vote for him.


[quote=“KathyPadilla, post:15, topic:88217, full:true”]“Biden would have sailed away from Trump much earlier and faster than Hillary Clinton did.”

I love Joe - but there’s just nothing supporting that assessment. No one had any yardstick to predict how any candidate would have fared against Donny.[/quote]

I feel that it’s the same sort of thing that resulted in “John Kasich would have beat any Dem challenger.” (And yes, there were polls during the Republican primaries that showed that.)

It’s a narrative based on a lack of information — how would a Biden campaign have reacted to Trump & how would the voters have reacted to that? — which allows people to project their ideal result onto it.


Did they fear it worse than a Bernie run? Because they sure as shit made sure the party wonks killed THAT.

By forcing all those people to vote for Clinton instead? Dastardly. If only voters had … I don’t know, let’s call it “free will”… to choose who to vote for.

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Assertion without evidence.

What we do know is that Clinton has sailed away from Trump. And that’s all that matters.

by basically selling Clinton as the one and only real option, by not really doing much of anything to help Bernie. When one has all the money it doesn’t matter what the other does. Hell even with Bernie grasping at straws in the end possibly making his campaign looking… sorta willing to stoop to Hillary’s tactics I still say he got shafted.


by basically selling Clinton as the one and only real option,

Were voters too stupid to decide for themselves? They just couldn’t disobey The Party? Some kind of mind control? Were they unable to vote for Sanders? Goons threatened to beat them if they didn’t vote for Clinton?

Is there any chance Sanders simply lost because he didn’t attract enough support?


Trump’s likability is the lowest ever recorded. I don’t think we can attribute his bizarre level of support to anything like that.

I hear similar things from time to time. Odd thing is based on actual voting records and policy positions. Biden is to the right of Clinton (as well as was and is to the right of Obama). Slightly, but still. And he’s every bit the embedded, establishment, career politician Hillary is. And that’s what made him a good VP. Not the we suddenly decided its charming foot in mouth habit. And not the inspirational backstory we suddenly remembered a few years back.

And I think a large part of the effect that has is down to how recent it is. I mean the GOP have basically been juggling various smears spun out from Benghazi for 4 years in the hopes that one would be a sticking point by now. Even with that its been eclipsed by the hacks. Its all Hillary Clinton and Email, so it sort of ran together nicely.


trump, 2016?


This, entirely. trump can bloviate all he wants, and HRC’s happy to let him drone on. As @aLynHall alluded upthread, Biden and trump debating would probably be nothing more than a shouting contest with the very real possibility of a throw-down at the end–I could absolutely see trump saying some stupid shit about Beau Biden, at which point Joe would kindly take Mr. trump and beat his ass. Likely with help from Jill, too.


That platform would have broad support.


Almost like the entire thing is scripted.

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And so much easier than looking at the actual issues.

Sincerely decent people rarely do well against a screaming, shoving bully when moderators let the bullying happen.

Are you seriously saying the only way someone could best Trump was if he threw the fight?

He did not at any point act like anything but himself, and you do her abilities a disservice. Instead we get the usual lazy tinfoilery.

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We call these “opinions” on planet Earth


Much more honorable, then. Thanks for the explanation.


Unless you think how society treats and values women is an actual issue.


On a given day, I have a hard time deciding whether I think Wikileaks is more stupid or evil, although I usually just split the difference and settle on the bad kind of crazy. And for the record, that’s not because they’ve lined up against Clinton. In fact, attacking Clinton with the aid and consent of foreign powers is probably the least objectionable thing they’ve done. I don’t love Russia fucking around with our election, but getting mad at the tool they use to do that isn’t going to help.

All that said, this tea is so weak it’s homeopathic. What’s next, we find out she voted for herself in the NY primary? ZOMG WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE TO BERNIE, THAT DOES IT, I’M VOTING JILL STEIN