Clip where 'Macho Man' Randy Savage says he cries resurfaces

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Can’t help but be reminded of Rosey Grier’s pro-tears hit, “It’s All Right to Cry.”

Glad you mentioned this. We seem to need someone like Grier or Savage every generation or so to counter the toxic masculinity pushed into the culture by conservatives.


“Why do you think I’m always wearing these sunglasses?”


Sadly they’re not with us anymore following an accident in Greece, last year.


Randy Savage created a perfect character, an over-the-top pitchman for theatrical wrestling. The key to selling the “Macho Man” was to never break character, ever, but his intent seemed to be to get everybody around him to acknowledge his character was real and to get them to smile. He had a chaotic good vibe to him.

That all said, he died in his 50s from a heart attack, and those SlimJims didn’t likely help- if he actually ate them- and I’m betting he did. I also have no idea what he was like when he wasn’t the ‘Macho Man’.

I love moments like this, they help undo the toxic narrative that adults can not cry (specifically ‘real’ men). It reminded me a little of Schwarzenegger’s, None can do it alone speech.

Source: Youtube clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s None Of Us Can Make It Alone speech made at University of Houston on 2017 05 12, posted by beUmore on 2017 05 31

We need more clips from this, where the popular faces of humanity combat untrue stereotypes and tropes.


it’s so weird that this clip has been making the rounds this week. i mean, it’s good, but weird what the internet will dig up and obsess on.


Well, if nothing else it points out that some spray-tanned TV characters can say more in 45 seconds than certain other spray-tanned TV assholes can cobble together in a lifetime.

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