Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage pre-fight rant with the words removed


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“Asthma Wars!!!”


Man I was reaching for a paper bag to deal with the sympathetic hyperventilation…
Randy Savage looked like he was gonna cry from the get go…


Clearly an improvement for Alex Jones compared to having to listen to what he has to shout.


Reminds me of Language Removal Services, which has been going for years. Here’s an NPR story from 2003.


I was gonna say, that verbatim sounded like the asthma attack I was having two days ago in the shower, and had left my emergency inhaler in the bedroom.


Watching that made me light headed.


Blimey, dude, that sounds horrible.


Saw the doc yesterday, and she remarked how she could hear my respiration across the room. We changed my prescription back to fluticasone (Advair).


I always think Jones is wearing his underwear backwards.


Ah WrestleMania V. One of the greats.

(Actually aside from the main event, it was pretty terrible. And Trump was there, which retroactively makes it worse.


RIP, Macho Man, you were always my favorite Pro Wrestler.

Oh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh


The lack of air to their brains, I think, explains some things. Don’t get me wrong, I love crazy. Big, muscular, sweaty crazy! With folding chairs!


12 seconds, that’s how long I made it. Now I need a bit of a lie down, as I’m quite dizzy for some reason.


He was one of my favorites too. Looking at who was at WM V it’s pretty depressing how many of them are dead now: Gorilla Monsoon, Hercules, Bobby Heenan, Big Boss Man, Mr. Perfect, Owen Hart, Mr. Fuji, Dino Bravo, Roddy Piper, Morton Downey Jr, Andre the Giant, Big John Studd, Jim Neidhart, Ultimate Warrior, Rick Rude, Bad News Brown, Randy Savage, and Miss Elizabeth. Christ, that’s most of the card and side players.



I want a plug in to do this automatically to Trump


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