Alex Jones shouting "NEVER!" for an hour


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My “human-spirit” can beat up his "human-spirit."
But yelling like that would hurt me.



I wonder who he’s yelling at, some chemtrails maybe?


INFO WARS. Never was there a more unwittingly apt description of a ‘news’ enterprise.

This man keeps an emergency medication locket of sublingual nitroglycerin. I’m sure of it.


Never say never. Example: I thought I had arranged my life in such a way that I’d never have to hear anything from or about this pus-filled, man-sized boil ever again.


Yeah, the cocaine finally took its toll on Breitbart, I’m surprised Jones has kept up the redfaced shtick so long.


Never will I watch that video! Never! Never, ever!!

Well, maybe just a little.


Most people don’t know that he was a subject in the Fort Bragg experiments on debleated goats and Project Stargate’s remote viewing.

I can only imagine what that might do to a fragile mind.



Oh crap I almost forgot this classic too




Is this the evolved form of the Pokemon Limbaugh?


He’s the unevolved form of Glennbeck.


Alex Jones is very concerned about Trump and goblins.


Going to give you up?
Going to let you down?
[ etc ]


Say what you will about Alex Jones… that man can fry!!!


I thought it was odd that at the 45m 23s point, he stopped and blamed the whole rant on his being a closeted homosexual. Didn’t see that coming. Well, at least not at that particular point.


Next episode he shouts, “gonna” for an hour. Then after that, “give”. It’ll be the worst Rickroll ever.