Alex Jones roars


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I made it to the 21-second mark. Beat that!


Sound effects booth for the next Godzilla movie?


29 seconds!


Eh. Here’s your trophy. You can have it.


I watched the whole thing. :grinning:

Alex Jones could be a lot of fun, but unfortunately some people actually believe him. :disappointed:


I made it all the way thru (took me two tries). Yetch…
and this guy has tete a tetes w lil Donny ‘The President’ (Putin’s Pawn Satan’s Spawn)

chemtrails! (ya’ll do understand how combustion works? water vapor? no?)


The internet is truly a wondrous thing. Thirty years ago, people like Alex Jones could reach only those close enough to read their “The End is Nigh!” board.


Have 4:50 min of Colbert as a summary.


I stick to “Coast to Coast”. Much lighter fare. Especially when they make legit people like Michio Kaku take calls from crazy people.


Practice makes perfect.


Sounds like a primate to me. . . somewhere below chimp but maybe above ape. But still not a reptilian.


Something tells me turning it into a drinking game is the only way to make it worth watching.


Me too, actually.



Seriously, he should quit his day job and be a voice actor.


19 seconds. Dammit. You win.



18 seconds, also WTF?


You know, he screamed at a variety of different pitches. Wouldn’t it be fun to use this to program a digital keyboard? Here comes Bach’s Two-Part Invention in Shriek Minor.