Alex Jones not bragging about things

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It is amusing watching Alex Jones have a meltdown every time that his precious snowflake Donald Trump is criticized. If he is not acting, a stroke is likely in the near future.
For now all I hope for is that the crazy branch of the right wing continues to be emboldened to the extent that America is horrified at the nutjob that has been elected and in 4 years, Trump will not even win the Republican nomination much less a second term.


I’m not bragging, but I’m Superman. Just a fact.

Maybe he considers this “alternative bragging.” Which isn’t real bragging because he’s obviously the most humble person, other than Trump, in the world. Not bragging, just a fact.


I managed to watch about 45 seconds of that. I’m not bragging.


57 seconds, but I’m not bragging.


He’s not bragging, but he is sagging!

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And lagging.


He seems upset. Maybe we could send him some nice snacks to calm him down.

As a reminder - all of the below still contain ridiculously large amounts of trans fats. From looking at him - it won’t take much…

Canned frosting
Savory snacks (including crackers and microwave popcorn)
Packaged pie
Frozen pizza
Coffee creamer

he really is bragging though, right?

when he says “i’m not bragging”, i hear “my mommy says”


"I’m not bragging but doesn’t a hologram of an equation with that much data create, mathematically, its own mass and create a distortion mirror of the sub uh key a projection of the dark matter coding"
WTactualFuck? Is this Freeman on the Land physics?


No, those equations don’t count as they lack tassels.

The intersection of physics and word salad.

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I feel sorry for the person who had to sit thru lord only knows how much footage to piece that thing together. I would have gone insane.


It’s hard to believe this guy is 100% for real. I think many of these guys (this clown, Sean Hannity, O’Reilly, and also some on the left like Bill Maher) are actors playing a part. They are making a killing and the more they hype it up – the better show they put on – the longer the gravy train continues.


I used to think that about Limbaugh, but his persona is never off. Some of these creeps are really just creeps full-time.

@dfaris: I turned off the volume, turned on closed captioning, and managed to get to the end. It’s wall to wall self-aggrandizing-yet-totally-cray-cray wordsalad. Oddly fascinating, but I feel the need to go look at some kittens now.


Ahhhh…that’s better.


  1. You can trust me
  2. Don’t worry, I’ll pull out
  3. The check is in the mail
  4. I’m a nice guy
  5. I guarantee it
  6. I’m not bragging


When one is a worthless, witless, intentional piece of shit, not bragging is nothing to brag about.

I’m glad I stuck around for that part. As each one of those words came out of his mouth I became more convinced he was having some sort of stroke. Oh well. Maybe next time.

He’s got all the best humility.

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