Clorox blames cyberattack for product shortages

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You’d think these would be unrelated, but maybe not :thinking:


Well that explains why the grocery store shelves were completely devoid of Clorox products the last time I went. I was starting to think there was another run on cleaning supplies like in 2020 and I was just out of the loop.

I haven’t been able to purchase Chlorox II in several months, last shopping outing I became convinced it does not exist anymore. Sorta right? :woman_shrugging:

The regular bleach shortage cropped up at the same time university students were returning to town, so it didn’t register as odd (a lot of shelves are empty at the end of August around here, I have no clue why these stores can’t or won’t do a better job preparing for this yearly event.:rage:)

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Did they have to cut back on variety?


Horribly managed cleaning product company (CLX) manages to loose value during a pandemic. Hmmm.

IT department was probably funded at a junior high level.

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