CNN celebrates Sanders' six primary victories by airing a "documentary" about Jesus

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Speaking of things that the media isn’t covering in favor of that blithering short-fingered idiot with a sewage pipe for a mouth, can we please also talk about just What. The Fuck. Is going on in Arizona?!

I don’t buy the Anti-Bernie conspiracy theories, but people do need to have their political careers ruined over this. If nothing happens to the people responsible, we’re basically asking for voter suppression in the future. It doesn’t matter if it was malicious or intentional, it’s a proof of concept that the voting process can be completely flawed, and no one will be held accountable.


Wait… If Jesus was born in the year 0 and lived to the ripe old age of 33, how has he been dead for “at least 2000 years”? Or has someone been cryogenically freezing me in secret again and it’s already the year 2034?


Why The Major Media Marginalize Bernie: Robert Reich

“Wait a minute. Last Tuesday, Sanders won 78 percent of the vote in Idaho and 79 percent in Utah. This past Saturday, he took 82 percent of the vote in Alaska, 73 percent in Washington, and 70 percent in Hawaii.”


I’m glad to hear he won. The closer he makes this race, the better for the Democratic party and America overall.

…but I would remind everyone that Bernie is just the beginning. Win or lose, the congress we sweep in for 2018 is going to be a Bigger Deal.


Any sufficiently gross level of incompetence is indistinguishable from conspiracy, and if anything Arizona politics is grossly incompetent.

I do wish I knew the full story though, something is going on, the rest of the state managed to pull off something as basic as this without a hitch (or at least with no more hitches than usual). If I had to guess, this was a result of both my states unthinking xenophobia, incompetence, and possibly (tin-foil hat time) the procedures they were rolling out for the general election happening too early. I doubt Bernie would have carried AZ, and doubt anyone but Drumpf would have either on the other side. This bungle makes no real difference in the primary results (though it probably hurt Trump and Bernie a little, but not enough to matter), but it would make a huge difference in the general.


Again, can we have some context. Has every Hillary win been trumpeted by the CNN? Has her sweeping the south been made into we-interrupt-our-current-programming level of ‘news’? How many votes is it actually? How much does it change the balance in the overall scheme of things?

I don’t think CNN interrupted programming to announce that Zaha Hadid passed? Does that mean ‘teh media’ is perpetuating the male (star)architect patriarchy and hates women, especially women architects?

I’m north of the border, and I don’t even have CNN, so it’s not my election, but all of these stories (just like the alaska superdelegate one) are making me think Bernie supporters are just as crazy and uninformed as Trumps.Though, yes, generally less racist.

Is it really a surprise to anyone over 21 that the mainstream media prefers main stream things, be it political cnadidates, political parties, or food recipes.

On a different note, this is also exactly the sort of rallying cry Gamer Gate(ers, whatever they may actually be called) were using. “OMG can you believe the gaming media isn’t paying attention to whats-his-name-blog-post-about-whatshername-sleeping-around-for-reviews and instead are just putting out another Assasin’s Creed preview. Where are the ethics in Game Journalism!” And, well, you know the rest.

(the usual disclaimer applies so this doesn’t spiral out of control: not all GG members are crazy death and rape threatening prank callers)

“Jesus, who has been dead for at least 2,000 years”

Okay, when you make a statement of fact like this that is not factual, it begs for correction. Many of Jesus’ followers who met him after he came back from the dead spent the rest of their lives telling people about meeting Jesus after his execution and refused to renounce their eyewitness testimony under torture and their own executions.

Sometimes it is the year 2034, I thought that would be obvious. Measuring time is fairly easy, but establishing any sort of “simultaneity” within the passage of time is not really a thing.

Not to mention on the measuring side that “years” depends upon both what planet one might be using as a reference, and which calendar system.

If Saunders wants to be noticed, he should represent some respectable bankers and fund-managers.


Granting them some leniency, maybe they meant at least 2.0 × 103 years.

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The say-so of motivated reasoners dedicated to growing a cult isn’t very good evidence for the existence of their diety.

I’d much prefer evidence from 3rd parties with no skin in the game. Which doesn’t exist.


Yep. In the words of the awesome Killer Mike…


Let’s all recall CNN isn’t in the news business anymore. They’re in the infotainment business.

It’s wrong to talk about them like they’re a news agency. They gave that up. No money in it.

If 10 A-list Hollywood celebs decided to light their farts on fire for an hour during the Republican National debates… CNN would cut right the fuck away to that.

Who watches CNN?

Rich white people.


His 6 primary victories don’t add up to much (a whopping 38 delegates) because most of the states were small, and none of them were winner-take-all. It wasn’t covered like you think it should have been, because it was pretty much a non-story.

The fact is, it would take several astounding things to happen, in order for Bernie to win. It’s time to start getting used to the phrase “Madam President”.

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Is that a holy facepalm?