Press looks the other way as thousands march for Sanders in 45+ cities

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I think you could hear a collective sigh of relief when Clinton did so well in South Carolina… though really, they’ve stopped talking about Bernie again since Nevada… They just don’t want to deal with him. The endless Trump cycle ain’t helping.


This is turning out the be the an election decided by major media.


So, just like every other election in modern history then…


That’s been true of every election since the 20th century, but I think it’s actually becoming less true. I think the recent electoral weirdness around the world is due, more than anything, to the total collapse of the system where a very small media / political class decides the narrative. Because the internet, basically.


I’ve heard the theory that it may increase turnout, as Trump coverage also has the effect of making people (more) aware of what an asshole he is (Palinesquely). I’m all in favor of higher turnout but I can’t watch tv news without cringing and probably won’t be able to for a while.

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No, no, only since the Kennedy-Nixon debates. Remember those?

CNN covered it. What news outlets didn’t cover it?

What about radio? They did wonders for FDR with his fireside chats… He got elected 4 times, in part because of his media engagement with the public.


Who watches CNN?


I’m still processing the fact that Bernie wants to send Hillary to war.


People in airports?


Dude, there was mass-media before television.

Millenials all be like “what are newspapers?”.


The Kennedy/Nixon race is widely described as the first to be decided by television, but the media - especially newspapers - had certainly run the elections before that.


Well, I gave him some more money after SC.

Even if he doesn’t win, the longer he makes the primaries last, the more support he gets, the more Clinton will at least have to pretend to be progressive and take positions and make statements to that effect.

She won’t be able to walk all of them back, gotta keep moving that Overton window leftwards.


Also, probably in some gyms.

I’m not sure CNN is a place where many people get their news from…

Yeah, we could talk about the role of yellow journalism in drumming up support for American intervention in Cuba or the Philippines… Certainly, impacted elections during that time.


People get their news from Facebook and news stories on FB are just shared stories from news orgs like CNN. So I think you’re wrong. The cable news channels still have big audiences, but it’s an indirect audience powered by sharing.

Well the conventional wisdom has been that Trump can’t really do better than 35% of the vote, so any kind of decent turnout at all should be the nail in the coffin for him regardless of his opponent. Conventional wisdom doesn’t have a very good track record in this election so far though.


And they were not bastions of bias free reporting either. Sadly the just the facts maam and we can take down the president kind of reporting that we all grew up with was a short but wonderful time.

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