CO town without water 12 days and counting

They should drink camel pee.


Always sound advice no matter the issue.


California: 2017 (Starring Dwayne Johnson)


A number of years ago the place I was at the well failed. No running water for ten days. It wasn’t fun, but now I have a better idea of what to do if it ever happens again.

New they are $800, but used you can find them for $100-$200, and they hold 900 gallons. They are also hdpe and food safe. That, plus a convenience pump makes life much easier when running water isn’t around.


I need to check the the capacity of the giant ex-olive barrel we use for rainwater collection but I remember it was cheap cheap cheap though not as easy to move around as that one looks.

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I lost power (no power for the well = no water) for 10 days due to a December ice storm, and my road was impassable so I had nothing but time and canned foods. Boiling snow on the wood stove wasn’t bad, and I used my stovetop percolator for coffee. The worst parts: digging a latrine in the weeks in somewhat-frozen ground, and trying to shower with a makeshift watering can in the cold and dark.



Ironically I am sitting here at my house with no power since the utility company is doing work.

It looks that way, it tastes that way, but they call it “beer”.

No Mad Max references? Seriously? You are slow today, Boingboing.

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How about Tank Girl?


We did have our gas crisis some years back. Some brothels were letting their neighbours shower for free, because they have electric hot water.

Be the commentor of the comment you want to read. Change begins with you.


Here in nice dry So. Cal, I decided to go with a few of these:

and one of these:

Not as much storage as the above, but much more portable, and being in the thick of suburbia, I suspect that it’s not quite as likely that we’re going to go without for extended periods. And to be honest, if the S really HTF, then we’ve got enough local water sources (which I wouldn’t drink out of without a filter), that refilling small containers is going to be a lot more expedient than a single large one.

Also, easier to take desert camping etc…

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Been there, done that. In the vast majority of cases the change also ends with you.

Had to do the same when I was a kid (mid 1970’s) – our pump motor burned out and it was not a common model, so had to wait over a week to get one shipped to the sticks…
We had lots of snow, so would back the bathtub full with a fan blowing on it to speed up the melting to use for flushing the toilet (we also used a bucket). Friends and neighbors would bring over large containers of water for drinking and cooking. I’m sure that it was much harder for my teenage sister than it was for me…

I know, they should build one of these.


*Looks at bottle of water softener tablets…

Seems like that powdered water market is opening up finally. Time to run some ads in the publications of large print and small words!

What about using calcium chloride or other deliquescent salt to harvest air humidity, then use reverse osmosis or distillation to purify the water? Or using a cryocooler to condense water from air directly?

There’s alcohol powder out there.

Do I look like Uncle Ben to you? Imma go the easy route and sell mineral tablets in a box sez Powdered Water*

*just add water


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