Could the West's water shortage create power shortage? "That is certainly a risk," U.S. Energy Secretary says


We have one of these at the cabin, if you’re bad you got’a pedal!
Party fouls are extra pedal time!

how much power does it generate roughly? I’ve never heard of anyone actually owning one.

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It charges the tablets, phones and etc. with ease. But the phonograph takes a solid 4mph, you got to have “stumps” for entire album. HA HA HA! So as a solo source it’s not so great, but we have the solar for that, ie. refrigerator and LED lights. Plus I paid $149.99 for mine awhile back.

It’s a great punishment for whiny children and sassy city folks!


Low river levels don’t effect just hydro power.

Nuclear power plants are traditionally set along rivers for cooling purposes.

Even if there’s enough water to cool the reactor, there’s the problem of dumping waste heat into an already-stressed ecosystem.

You know what I’d like to see? A web app that scans decades worth of discussion board posts and locates posts by blythe idiots and astroturfers going on about how global warming will make the world more habitable and abundant.

And then dispatches a guy in plate armor to their house to swat them with a dead fish.

“Think of the benefit of longer growing seasons!” SMACK!


Living in CA is getting to be more and more of a drag. * sigh *

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Not in the affected areas. There is only one plant still operating in CA and it uses the ocean as its ultimate heat sink, and Palo Verde in Arizona is cooled by sewage.

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That’s cool! (Rimshot).

Waste heat might actually be a good thing in a sewage treatment plant.

Also: Sewer + Nuke Plant + Turtle|Lizard|Other-Critter = Interesting times


The worse this crisis gets, the more I wish Marc Reisner were alive to update his book Cadillac Desert, because he saw this coming a looooong way off.

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Oh it is! They use the heat to evaporate the water from the sewage and then take the sewage away to be burned for more electricity.


When I was very young I used to worry about the future. I knew that someday our Sun would begin to expand and burn off all life on Earth. I worried that we wouldn’t have progressed far enough to escape the planet and find other places to live.

I don’t worry about that anymore. We’ll be long gone before it’s even something to consider.


“People in California and other West Coast states… may have more to worry about than water, says the U.S. energy secretary. Our access to electricity is threatened, too.”

Yep, you can live without water. But without electricity? No way!

Never mind CA, what happens when Las Vegas has no water or electricity?

Sit in a diner called “The American Dream” just outside Las Vegas, look west, and with the right kind of eyes you can see where the tide rolled back.

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