Coach's Coachies have personality plus

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I’m an absolute sucker for a kitschy bag - I’ve got more Betsey Johnson than any person probably needs - but if I’m going to drop several hundred on a bag it needs to be a Serious Adult Bag. I will merely look longingly at the googly eyed Coachies and the Kate Spade wicker creations.


Mr. Potato Head will be filing suit.

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Not to be one of those people I hate or anything, but … gosh what a deal, less than $1,000 for something that a burlap sack would do just as well for. Look, I’m all about personal style and expressing yourself and everything, but how much did this bag cost to make? What was the cost of the materials that went into it? Where and by whom (who? I never know which one to use) was it made? People have the absolute right to do what they want with their money, but can’t just about everybody think of something better to do with $950 than buy a purse? I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find a way to write this without sounding like a dickhead, and I don’t mean to be one, but geeze - that’s a month’s rent for me, and I live in a dump.


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See, I won’t buy a luxury bag but if I were to, it had better have eyes, a name and a personality.

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Purse-naility. Missed opportunity.


Yeah this seems a little overpriced. I have a couple of Coach bags, including a Captain Marvel one, but I thought I was being a little extravagant paying $250 for that one. $1000? Pass.

ETA: It’s actually Ms. Marvel, but the Carol Danvers version.

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