Cockatiel sings Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 'Lost Woods' song (with sound)

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I prefer the A Link to the Past version:

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Iz’at Shanghai Bok Choi on that birds head?

Kill me now, I’ve seen everything.
Birds wearing Bok Choi for hats.

What will those birds think of next?


Well, this just warmed my children’s hearts before going to bed.

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LOL, I just played this and a birb outside my window tweeted back.


The headgear totally makes it. I wonder if it was the cockatiel’s idea.


The headgear makes it look a lot like Trump.

I know, that is one stylish hat!

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Indeed! OoT is clearly not the original version. And while we are at false statements:

His name is crumpetdumpling and he has a little Instagram.

If I click that link, I see that this is the little Instagram of two birds each with one half of the account name.

I had a cockatiel as a kid. They’re goofballs, for sure. The males, especially. Sometimes they’re a real pain in the ass (like when they’re screaming for attention or being ruthlessly destructive) but most of the time they’re very endearing like this.

Mine had a particular love of the mirror, and would happily spend hours preening and wolf whistling at himself when he caught his reflection. He’d also dutifully throw every single thing that wasn’t fastened down OUT of his cage if he got the chance, and every single one of my Choose Your Own Adventure books’ covers had that distinctive “artfully chewed edge” because he had an insatiable hunger for paper.


Little known to us dumb humans is that the birds are also mimicking our appearance!

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