Cockatiel sings "Another One Bites the Dust"

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Cockatiel sings “Another One Bites the Dust

You’ll never believe what I thought that said, never.


Singing little dinosaurs, who’d a thunk it?


Very cool! Though it’s more plays-it-on-his-bird-flute than singing it, since he’s not singing the words. But still very cool.


In some Jurassic park daydream- I wonder if those would be my last words, as I look through some greenery at a creature that was extinct for tens of millions of years and now is no longer extinct. Then I realize it is more likely that I am just looking at a resurrected Moa at a New Zealand reserve, and that I am really stupid enough leave the safe path accidently. Or perhaps it will be a animatronic bird at Disneyland a decade from now. In any case, I hope it sings a pretty song before I scream in pain as it guts me.

Avian Dinosaurs, yes, unless we resurrect them and find that there are enough differences to continue to think of them as different. For now, though, time and language has them separated.

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Team him up with this guy.


Trust a bird to know the dangers of dust.

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This makes me want a tiny telepresence robot with a VR interface so I can hang out with giant birds.

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Pffft; this little guy REALLY sounds like Freddie Mercury!


It made my cat leave the room.


I have a semi-tame quaker parakeet who normally throws a fit when he sees my phone… but he seemed to like this video. (Well, he didn’t try to attack or flee to the other side of the cage.) I don’t know if he recognized the cockatiel as another bird, but he did whistle back.

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Sweet little birb!

But the wee dino here could use some accordion-plus backup:


‘Damn, how many cats exactly have bitten the dust in trying to get this bird?!? He’s gonna get me too? And another one gone, and NOW ANOTHER ONE!! Gotta get out of here!’

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It’s super effective.

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