Cockatoo has had enough of this crap

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And so the cockatoo says, “Yes, yes, I’ll stop swearing! Just tell me one thing. What’d the turkey do?”

This is even better than the time my wife and I came out of the reptile house at the zoo. There was a parrot in a cage right by the exit. It said “Hello!” as we went by. We stopped and tried to get it to speak again. Then an older couple came out and it said, “Oh shit! Ohhhhh shit!”


Same bird perhaps: that cage had it coming.


Priceless. Only trouble is it’ll never unlearn that patter.

Some time ago I read about a cockatoo that was reputed to have a huge vocabulary. One night the bird’s owner had friends over to play cards. The bird was silent. When the host soon excused himself and left the room, one guy began talking to the bird, trying to get a response.

“Hey birdie. Can you talk? Can you talk?”

The bird, who had obviously been prepped for just this chance, replied: “Yes I can talk. Can you fly?”


Man. Do they fight a lot in that house, or what?


It even appears to be mimicking the body language appropriately. Or do they always do that and in this case it fits the words better?

I’m M’aiq the Liar and I endorse this message.

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I’m trying to figure out if the cockatoo is angry, excited, playful or WTF. I haven’t been around them enough to make an educated guess, and Google is contradictory (Surprise factor zero, Captain).

that’s what i was thinking – how long did it take for them to teach it all that?? bird needs to work on its diction, but it has the anger down right.

I am in lurve. That parrot talks like a pirate!


It knows is is getting attention. Beyond that, I dare not guess much about the dinosaur brain.

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Its a major mitchell crossed with a sulfur crested cockatoo from new guinea - maybe a little inbred too. He’s worked up, probably having just gotten out of the cage, but not angry - though at this point he might give you a bite if you try to touch him.

it’s fucken in the fucken australian fucken genes. fuck oath.

Aw! They’re running a parrot rescue. Her name is Pebble and she didn’t want to go back in the cage. Sounds like she was in at least one very unhappy home before this.


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