This Cockatoo woke up with a serious case of bird attitude

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There seems to be a low ratio of eating corn to just throwing pieces all over.


I still like the reaction of the cockatoo whose human stomped a birdcage the cockatoo hated. He enjoyed every second of the fun crashing. I guess cockatoos are like other pets; they enjoy ‘off the leash’ time.


Eating with a beak sucks apparently.

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He still has got nothin’ on Nigel, for sheer 'tude…

The guy in these videos has a parrot rescue place, and Pebbles is one of their resident birds (her previous human gave her her vocabulary). Here Pebbles combines emphatic pseudoEnglish and body language:

(BTW, we all know that that bird is being sexual on that person’s arm, right? Parrots are very hormonal, and aside from this kind of thing there’s also the potential for the bird to attack significant others during mating season, due to jealousy. There are bird rescues mainly because people don’t know these kinds of things.)


I think the OP’s reaction summarizes the mixture of gross/cute best: ლ(゚д゚ლ)

So basically, normal everyday Cockatoo attitude.

Cockatoos are insane. Even by parrot standards.


I’m old.


Alt headline: Cockatoo cops a 'tude


I remember another video of Pebbles, where he explains that she came from a very problematic situation; borderline abusive, if I recall.

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Bird is right to be angry with its vertical-videoing owner.


C’mon, bird. you are being more of a Dickatoo than a Cockatoo here…

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is there some kind of avian version of toxoplasma parasites that infect human brains making them subservient to their pet overlords?

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We had a cat that would do that, with the glass.
He just did it though, he wasn’t being mean or anything.
Just like; “Oh, a glass of water. There that’s better.”

I feel sorry for the birds previous owner because of the behavior the bird was copying. She was ranting against the world for some reason, probably loneliness & elderly isolation, that’s why she got the cockatoo. She probably got rid of it when it started to mock her. I hope she’s ok.

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Whackyweedia: “Cockatoos are social animals”.
Cockatoo: “Aye Jimmeh! ASBO this, ya fooking wee tayrag!!”

I’m pretty sure that cockatoos originated in Glasgow,