A cursing parrot hurls vulgar insults at its cat buddy

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It had to hear this enough to mimic it so well, but I have to admit I totally laughed my a$$ off at it.


Like a few people I know, maybe this is the bird’s response to everything.

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I like this parrot.


It probably knows what it’s saying - African Greys are scary smart.


So did this parrot learn this from someone yelling at the cat, or the parrot?


Must have spent some time around Pebble.

This. African grays are hella smart to the point it can be kind of disturbing of you’re not used to it. They’re like a toddler with an evil streak.


Friends of the family have a green-fronted parrot with a very similar potty mouth on her, definitely heard a lot of “shut the fuck up” when the dogs were barking. I’d love to hear them both in an insult war.


When I was in high school I’d often walk through a mall on my way home; the pet store was a common stop, right after the record store. They had a parrot in a large cage at the rear. The only phrases it knew were dirty things said to it repeatedly by teens. Owner said the parrot was unsellable.

For the record, I did not teach it anything. But I do recall laughing at how dirty it was.

I’ll be honest, I think this is quite sad.



As loud as parrots are, I suspect a lot of it was directed at the parrot. The bird just kicked down.

Poor kitty.

They were talking about hockey and the cat was talkin’ back,
Along about then everything went black,
But wasn’t that a party?

The original language could have been directed at either pet or both. If you’re that sensitive to noise, why would you get a cat and a parrot?

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I’m skeptical that this has not been overdubbed. There’s a reason that it is usually more difficult to make out what birds are “saying” and that is because they don’t have the lips and mouth structures to form the sounds used in human languages. So you have to fill in the missing sounds (eg the “S” sound) from context and rhythm.

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Is the parrot making the cat noises too?


I note that the parrot, being from Ontario, has a distinct Canadian accent.

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