Parrot perfectly mimics Google acknowledgement noise


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Actually, the bird is a tiny bit flat on the second note. Nice try, tho. :slight_smile:


That parrot should realise he’s about to be replaced with a robot


I knew a guy who’s African gray did a perfect rendition of his cell phone ringing followed by a low key “hullo?” that was clearly him (the guy).

The parrot also frequently exclaimed “Bruschiiiiiii!” which he must have picked up watching the Patriots during the 00’s. Only he didn’t share in the social that followed in celebration of yet another great defensive play by Tedy Bruschi.


The animal kingdom’s audio recorder.

I recall one owner reporting her unease with their cockatoo’s ability to faithfully render utterances in her children’s voices – of 10 years younger. The bird also learned to exactly mimicked the ring of the telephone. After repeated ‘false-alarms’ the owner shouted out to the household – “It’s the bird!” Which worked for a short time until, when the phone really rang, the bird exactly mimicked in her voice: “It’s the bird!”


for some reason a parrot saying “quack quack” made me lose my shit.


That robot had better watch out, it can now be replaced by something that works for bird seed.


I wonder if an African Grey could mimic speech well enough for Siri or Google to recognize?


This is what worries me. What happens when the parrot can say “OK google”. You never know what’ll happen with whatever the parrot says next.


Just don’t say your card numbers around your birds!

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