Cockney ATM


Is this one of Sirius Cybernetics’ Genuine People Personalities?


You forgot to title this “'Ave a butchers…”


Oh no, another misuse of the of cockney rhyming slang in the same way posho Guy Ritchie has popularised.

It was originally used as a code or cypher to keep ignorant ears ignorant of the speaker’s meaning so any use of the second, the rhyming part of the word is not the slang itself but a dictionary, so boring to see yet another example of this near the heart of cockney town…


You’re right, I expect major banks to be fluent in street argot.

I was about to ask if anybody really talks like this… I mean… really? Isn’t it like a native dance that’s only staged to amuse the tourists?


Three words. Dick. Van. Dyke.


Absolutely so disappointing.

It;s a failure akin to the unnecessary ‘repair’ of the Millennium Bridge on the Thames to make it less wobbly and less ‘exciting’ (but no safer). Kids would’ve loved it as it was.

It’s a failure akin to the unnecessary markings post-plonked over the completely-safe-to-walk-on glass roof of Sunderland’s glass museum, to address a PR-person’s imagined fear of public peril. Kids would’ve loved it as it was.

Spoon feeding.

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Exactly. Rhyming slang is not common, and when it is used, you only use the first part. The listener is expected to complete the phrase and know its rhyming counterpart.
This is just some typical bankers being berks.


TIL, native cockney speakers are a bunch of wet blankets.


Is ‘Dutch plate’ the Cockney slang for ‘mate’ now? I suppose the bank felt that calling someone “me old China” sounded a bit racist, even if it was just referring to porcelain.

You can top up the dog at an ATM? I can’t do that here in So Cal AFAIK. (And yes, I do know what a dog and bone is.)

This is just some typical bankers being berks.
Boy, that escalated quickly.

Yup, quite tedious though as you have to enter your phone number, twice…

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More likely to be the Finn personality construct.

Surely a tenner is an Ayrton.

I think rhyming slang predates Mr Senna a fair bit

It also predates cash machines.

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