Coco Loko is chocolate you can snort


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Cocoa in my lungs? Think I’ll pass.


It is not Chocolate I will snort, however.

“almost like an energy-drink feeling"

So basically caffeine.


There’s a European chocolate snorting trend?

I mean I’m know I’m no hipster but I think I’d have noticed.

Oh look, it’s in the Daily Mail so it must be true.

I’m fairly sure even clubs in Berlin didn’t previously offer you cocaine though. At least not since the 1930’s or maybe 40’s.


It’s as much a trend as is serving fries on miniature shovels. Some people like to feel special.

And yes, you’re not offered cocaine. Berlin is a cheap city. It’ll either be speed or ketamine.


Great, brown snot.


Is that still a thing?

Or chocolate apparently.

If it’s made by these guys, I might even try it:


Ok, well people are going to have to stop posting “Japanese people are so weird” videos, because clearly we are just as weird.


According to the Daily Mail article (so make of it what you will), the chap who allegedly came up with this idea also developed some gizmo to help you snort it.

Apparently just sniffing it off the web of your thumb isn’t good enough, you have to catapult it at your nose from some Perspex contraption.

Seriously - the photos indicate that the device is a good few centimetres from the user’s nose and the chocolate just sort of gets sprayed upwards in a generally noseward direction.

The Japanese have nothing on us. Is Europe (and America) now great again?


Coco Loko = Chocolate Boogers.


Hm, my “special energy blend” was mescalin.


I suppose that’s better than melting it a spoon then injecting it.


I can snort any chocolate - no-name brand cocoa powder, a chopped up Aero bar.

The question is: Should I?


Needs a disclosure: cacao is not coca.


Cacao is not most things.


Fixed that for everyone.


Is someone starting a candy disco? With Booger sugar?


Brown lung disease is taken, so we’ll have to come up with something else.


Coke users can tell the cops they snorted white chocolate.


Next thing you know, people will be smoking banana skins.