Codependent cat waits for his human all day by the door


Ugh, I hate the X-animal is stupid argument. For a number of reasons:

  1. We base our judgments on what we can interpret as smart for a human. All animals are evolved to survive in their own way. They can display intelligence and communication in ways most humans are not attuned to. What seems “logical” to a human mind might not apply to an animal mind, and vice-versa.
  2. Like humans, within each species there is a wide range of “intelligence” based on education and life experience. I would classify my house cats as “stupider” than the barn cats where my horse lives. Their lives are not as varied, and lack some of the challenges the outdoor cats encounter, though I do try to keep them challenged with interesting playtime. As a horse trainer I see the same thing in horses, based on their training and life experiences.
  3. Animals, like humans, can learn “emotional fitness” by being taught how to handle life’s stresses in a caring, patient, compassionate way. Rita_Lynn’s example is a good one.


Excellent point.



That’s what the let us think. It makes the whole “You work and I sleep” thing easier for us servants to handle.


this is the reason we need “masks” for our forum avatars. a thread specific avatar! lol (puts on cat mask)


Ahh, arguing from authority; that old fallback. As a physicist, I’m going to attribute this to reduced oxygen in your brain, enough of the oxygen in your body improbably (and temporarily) “pooling” in your feet … twice.


Same here. My cat was eating, heard the meow, growled, and climbed up on my lap to the table to find out the source of it. Granted, video cat and my cat sound very similar.



That sound is the “where is everyone, I’m bored” sound. And I’ve had several breeds (in the video the cat is a tuxedo) make that sound or a variation but my tuxedo just happened to be in the room and he jumped to attention. I’m in a different room, with a DSH, a seal point Siamese and another tux… Yup, all three jumped up and the seal point and tux are running around.


I don’t know why that cat is so bored. I am always seeing pictures of cats amusing themselves on the internet


Yes, they are totally stupid and and are not plotting the downfall of humanity at all. Not one bit. Nope, not at all.

Well pointed out, fellow human person.


Just look at my avatar!


All 4 of our cats do this “hey, who wants to play?” meowing.


My cat does a “Where you at?” meow and a “I want attention” one. The first one he primarily does when he’s not sure i’m home and he’s too lazy to actually look for me, he does this at my parents when visiting and i have to answer across the house “Yes???” or with his name, otherwise he calls for me repeatedly :roll_eyes:


When I was young, I had a cat that reportedly did this all day when I was at school.

We were worried about her being lonely, so we brought a kitten home to keep her company.

Now we had two cats sitting by the door crying all day.


Well, it’s no banana… but now that you mention it; it is damn creepy.


When our cat was little we left him in the (empty) laundry room with food, water, and his litter box. When we got home there were 4 little piles of kitty litter, one in each corner of the room.


Ha, I don’t know the validity of your credentials or claims, but your avatar should definitely be wearing a mortarboard and coke bottle eyeglasses.


mine too. usually when she thinks she’s killed one of her stuffed toys or catches a cricket. not sure if it’s a “why won’t you play with me dead thing”, or “hey look at this present i got you.”


Well, one of our lot likes to drag clothing or towels all over the house, and usually lets out the “come see what I killed for you” meow as he’s doing the dragging. I swear sometimes that cat is convinced that he’s a cheetah bringing food for a potential lady love. [He does appear to watch TV when we have nature shows on.]