Codependent cat waits for his human all day by the door


Our cat chitters uncontrollably whenever she sees any reflected light off any shiny surface; it’s both cute and sad, because there’s nothing there for her to actually hunt and kill.


If cats are stupid, I might be sub-stupid, because my cat regularly outsmarts me.

Classic example: he’s out in the alley. I look over the fence and see him. He’s just wandering around. I call for him, and he ignores me as cats will. Casually wanders toward a neighbour’s yard and disappears through a gap in the fence. Ok, whatever, he’ll come in when he’s ready. A few seconds later I turn around to go in… and he’s already waiting at the door. Covered about 100 feet and two fences in a ridiculously short time, without making a sound, after first pretending he didn’t want to come inside.


Two words: robot mouse.

When the Big Guy hasn’t hauled it into his stolen toy stash (seriously, he steals and hides all the toys), everyone else hunts the silly thing for days.


Kodi missed his human-shaped mattress.


Can confirm; I just watched the video, and my cat came from beneath the couch to give me the WTF stare. Stopped the vid; cat went back beneath the couch. Started it again, and she came back glaring even harder.


Whenever I return home, I get a more angry-sounding version of the cry in this video. I call it the “Where were you?” meow, and it continues until she’s able to sit in my lap - probably to keep me from moving out of her sight again.


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