Collection of Garfield-based cosmic horror

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I was going to mention this subreddit in the Garfield GAN thread, but I like you all here too much.

Thanks, @beschizza!


I’m surprised there isn’t more cosmic horror art out there inspired by Odie’s freakishly long prehensile tongue.


He also shows up, in a slightly modified form, in Jason Yungbluth’s Weapon Brown


Really great way for Lyman to make a re-appearance finally. And would explain a lot.

For those who are unaware, the best Garfield is “Garfield Minus Garfield”
It’s a pretty somber look into mental illness, as Jon basically talks to his imaginary cat.


I love that comic.

Square Root of Minus Garfield also goes some interesting places, though it is rather inconsistent by nature.

In that sense, the strip’s polar opposite is Pipe Garfield.

The GANfield video was arranged (though not created by) Lumpy Touch, responsible for Garfield Gameboy’d. He posted a new series just recently; the all-in-one compilation is forthcoming. But here’s a sample:


These are all fine efforts, but they fade into insignificance compared to the sheer mind-bending horror of the Garfield Monstrosity!

Garfield Minus Garfield was a lesser rip-off of the much more successful intervention that just erased Garfield’s voice bubbles. It actually reflected the reality of the strip, rather than changing it, revealing new and messed up facets that were there all along.

LumpyTouch’s Garfield Gameboy’d is the apex of the medium, I think.

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