Gaze into the abyss that is Garfield

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Whew over an hour. But I tend to love this stuff… (watching)

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now where could my pipe be


I thought I was aware of all the internet perversions of Garfield, the horror stuff, the “Garfield minus Garfield” (and many similar re-mixes), but wow… the videos alone go so far beyond what I was aware of. The whole thing is fascinating. That such a banal, shallow, cliched comic (with its weird undercurrent of cruelty towards really all of its characters) should inspire such flights of fancy. Precisely because of that banal, shallow, cliched, cruel ubiquity.

Also, the Lovecraftian Garfield images only date back to 2018? It seems like it’s been around for a lot longer than that. Seems like they’ve been around… forever.


He kind of takes the tone from lasagna cat and uses it for his own purpose nor hammering the point that Jon is us, but we want to be Garfield, and this is kind of frightening.

Well done. Like a steak.

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That was… mind expanding, in a way I couldn’t take in in one go.
Mind GIF

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Yeah I was pretty blown away by it too. Especially when I realized that Garfield had become a tulpa.

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I clicked on the link only to add it to my saved list. I can’t spend another hour on this right now lol

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