Collector shows off his complete set of 1,244 Game Boy games

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A+ on the shelving for the titles and handhelds

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Part of me sees this as pointless, just a waste of space and money when every Game Boy title is easily emulated and stored in a trivially small amount of disk space. But the museum-worthy display really is wonderful to look at, a summation of an entire era of gaming. Admittedly, though, it would be pretty dull visually without the actual Game Boy systems included.

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It’s someone’s passion and hobby, there doesn’t need to be a point to it. I myself am a collector of various things and constantly have to deal with other people’s scorn or judgement on the things that bring me joy or captivate my interest. Meanwhile other people spend thousands of dollars on socially acceptable hobbies like going to NFL games and no one bats an eyelash.

In this person’s defense, none of their time and money was wasted. A complete game library like this is more valuable together than individually, and its not like any of the items will lose value. Though as a fellow collector, investing is rarely the driving force but merely a nice bonus.


Didn’t you used to need to have two copies of Mario Tennis in order to play PvP?

If memory serves, you needed two copies to play any GameBoy game PvP.

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But has he played them all?

I’m sure someone’s going to be like:


In all seriousness, that’s a damn impressive collection.


But were there really any other PvP gameboy games than Tennis?

Tetris is the only other one I can think of. I’m sure there were, but the PvP requirements meant it was usually easier to just find someone with an NES/SNES.

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I am mildly curious about why it is dangerous to collect alone


If you walk in the tall grass then wild game boy cartridges may attack you.

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F1 Race

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Does anyone know if he, or anyone else, has a list of all 1,244 games? Wayyyyy back in the early days of the GameBoy I attempted to maintain a public list of every GB cartridge on Usenet. Got to several hundred titles, then life got in the way. I would really like to see that complete list.

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