World's largest private collection of video games


I always marveled at the fingernail guy.

Okay, wait a minute… the guy is 31 years old, but he sold his collection in 1998 to pay for his wedding? Did he get married when he was 16?

He’s not 31 years old. The article says he was 12 when he started collecting 31 years ago. That makes him 43.

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Something wrong with the dates or did he really get married when he was 15?

Last I knew this guy worked at the Gamestop in my hometown of Springville and the article says he teaches game design and the history of video games at Canisius College. This guy lives and breathes games.

Say ‘Geek’!

I’m wondering if this is a World Record like the World Series meaning in the US only? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the guys I used to know here in the Tokyo collecting scene had exceeded that number back in the rely 00s.

and the Pippin, a dud released by Apple the same year.

Pet peeve here, the Pippin was released by Bandai even if it was designed by Apple.

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