Coloring in your kids' drawings


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I love this.


oh this reminds me of another one, where her daughter completed her drawings. Anyone have the link to that one too?

Canadian eye twitch. colour. colour. colour.

Hey! those are good, British 'U’s. Not yours.

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Let’s not fight against each other. We can share them. It’s the people that leave them out that we need to police.


Nice compositions by the kids. They have some talent.

This is so cool. I would love to do this for my five-year-old, though I couldn’t do anywhere near that nice of a job. I also have some black and white comics that I wanted to color for my kids. Anyone have recommendations on the best type/brand of colored pencils?

aka artistically-inclined applied…no?




copyright squared

Collaboration? Looks like piracy to me. Were those kids paid one red cent?

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These are quite awesome! I have a sense that dad’s finishing touches allow the kids to more closely see their creations as they appeared in their minds eye.

YES! But only because I followed a few links from the previous Boing Boing posting about feminist stock art! (the internet is weird!)

Here’s the link; another example of wonderful collaborative art:

Thank you! Those are fucking awesome.

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