Coltrane's Blue Train played note-for-note on a recorder



Incredible. That really puts a nice visual to the original too.


It’s remarkably un-swinging.

And why is the video mirror-imaged? Look at his hands.

Remarkable. I understand the recorder is similar to the finguring on a bagpipe. Any pipers out there?

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There’s this guy…


Fucking A.

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For some reason this video sent me to google for “11-fingered flautist”, “12-fingered flautist”, “12-fingered pianist” (got a few results), etc.

Just wondered if someone with 11 or 12 fully functional hand-digits would have an advantage or disadvantage in these endeavors?

Cool. Thanks.

12-fingered pianist, definitely, if only for the reach. Don’t know about flute, but the recorder is one digit per hole, and a thumb to hold up everything. So hyperdactyly is bound to be a hinderance, I’d think.

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