Manualist plays 'Stairway to Heaven' with nothing but his sweaty, squeaky hands


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6:05 is when it really picks up. And he’s pretty impressive on that stretch.


Now that you mention it, that song did always smell a bit of farts.



The sheer endurance is amazing to me. 8 minutes of hand farts and my palms, wrists and fingers would be cramping up like crazy. Bravo!


that’s what i was thinking. what muscles he must have! [EDIT]: i was going to call shenanigans until i saw that his hands were mic’d – i totally love his concentration, especially during the solo. i’m damn impressed. /bravo


Next level up: Flight of the Bumblebee.



This guy actually has quite the repetoire. His talents come across right away here!


I must stop – the wife is giving me “the look”…


Achievement: Unlocked.

I first heard this guy’s version of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” and I was instantly a fan.

(But man, I wish I could buy him a better couch.)


The joke’s on all of you. He’s not doing it with his hands! He’s just holding one of these:

(couldn’t find one with a mouse playing a mouse-sized bari sax)


Half-time, but still impressive as hell. I’ve done it on the tuba, but couldn’t hack it on the trombone, even though I had an F-Attachment so I could pull positions 6 and 7 back in to positions 3 and 4 plus the key. I was never very good at trombone.

Another really impressive instrument to see it played on is the flute. You wouldn’t think so, but it takes just massive amounts of air to make a flute do anything, even playing a flute pianissimo takes more air than I could hack as a tuba player. I guess because tubas have a lot of barometric resistance built in and flutes have none…

Which makes me wonder, could he use his hands in place of the lips for a trumpet? That’d be an interesting thing to attempt.


OK, My new challenge is to use this as a soundtrack for a staring contest.
None shall pass!


A round of applause to that man.


Usually Youtube comments are a black hole… But The first one for that video killed me: “Why doesn’t this guy ever take the empty seat next to me when I fly?”


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