Man plays wonderful rendition of "Popcorn" on his face


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For Popcorn completists only. I love the set, though.




I can play popcorn on my cheeks too… Face cheeks only though, just to be clear. :wink::smile:


Happy mutant, indeed! :slight_smile:


When you wrote “on his face”, I read it as witticism for something more conventional. I did not expect it to be so litteral.


Wasn’t it titled “Hot Buttered Popcorn?”

And he totally ruined it with his baroque arpeggios.


Surely this has eared it’s place in the Essentials collection.


The clip didn’t last long enough to show all the panties been thrown at him. Fake news!


That’s nothing. John Denver used to play Sunshine on his shoulders.




That’s gotta hurt after awhile.


Too much corn, not enough pop.

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