Iggy Pop performs "The Passenger" (1977)


The man has a winning smile.


“I like this music!”

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What happened at the start, the speed kick in?

It’s funny to call a man doing his best Lou Reed impression “inimitable”

I don’t know who has the best voice in rock 'n roll, but Iggy has to be a contender.

Nice. My favorite performer, right alongside Nick Cave and Jack White. Maybe a little ahead.

Here are links to two of my favorites:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqNywhw3odo Funtime w/ David Bowie

Find the RCA version of TV Eye Live for the best version of this song. The band hits like a sledgehammer.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clxxKRZP6n0 Loose

The remaster release of No Fun is just phenomenal.

Thanks for the link Pesco.


Dude was a borderline athlete.

agreed. it really is amazing how youth will completely absorb any abuse you throw at your body.

the camera work is beautiful. I like all the improvisations the band does while they’re waiting for what Iggy’ll do next.

everytime I wear my American Caesar tour shirt, all I get is “who is that?” or at best “who is that, Glen Danzig?”

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