Combination sink/urinal reuses faucet water

Latvian designer Kaspars Jursons designed the Stand, a combination sink/urinal, to address water shortages. The water flowing from the tap as you wash your hands also flushes the toilet. "“It is more suitable for hygiene than just a urinal and then guys who don’t wash [their] hands,” Jursons told NPR. The look reminds me of… READ THE REST

Isn’t every sink a combination sink/urinal?


Reminds me of a naked Kramer making a salad while he’s taking a shower.

hahah! nice one.


Very important not to reverse the pipes on this.

I’m surprised there’s not a combo drinking fountain and bidet too. Just imagine how this thing will look in a sticky-floored, graffiti-covered gas station men’s room.

Now I have to worry if the previous user peed or washed his hands first…

What water shortage, though?


What could go wrong?

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Makes me think of this installation at the Exploratorium:

Toilets with integrated basins are becoming quite popular here in Australia

Not an original idea but makes me think why isn’t this the standard in every bath room in the world?

Brilliant design for saving water. It also saves space and is time-efficient. Was I supposed to find this funny or cool…?

Bah, bachelors have been using their sinks as urinals for years.

There’s a retro fit kit available for you standard toilet that does the same. You can also DIY by drilling a hole in the top of a toilet tank lid and mounting a sink, or bowl, drilled an draining to the tank with a goose neck type water spigot.


Here’s a the DIY youtube version. Looks like a simple weekend project and very cheap too.

DIY Toilet sink

I saw a hand basin/cistern system pretty much like this in Aleppo, Syria, over 15 years ago. I distinctly remember looking at it and thinking 'what a sensible idea; how long will it take the rest of the world to catch up? ’ Now I have my answer.

Most household toilets in Japan have a similar system. The top of the cistern is a sink that lets you wash your hands as it fills.

“Unfortunately, that device doesn’t use the sink faucet’s water to flush.”

Might want to consider dropping this line as it’s contradicted by both an earlier line and reality.

Pretty cool.