Comcast broke law 450,000 times trying to bilk customers

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I bet my Cox one is the same. :disappointed:




After 10 years in a house that could only get Comcatst’s Xfinity I was so happy to call them to close my account because I was moving. They offered to move the service to my new residence. I said, but my new place has Wave which ended that line of conversation. Of course, then they tried to sell me a half dozen other services because ABC.


Stealing millions of dollars from hundreds of thousands of people through fraud… I’m sure Comcast will go to jail for a loooong time. Cuz corporations are people too, right?


Comcast broke law 450,000 times trying to bilk customers

C’mon guys. Those numbers are seriously weak. You don’t want a poor performance review this quarter, do you?


Comcast broke law 450,000 times trying to bilk customers

Can’t wait to see no one doing anything about this. As usual.

Among the very limited number of answers to “how to avoid Comcast altogether” would be this…

IF it’s allowed in your area:


When a corporation is an effective monopoly (as is Comcast in a lot of its markets) then fines, particularly those in the range of less than 1% of their annual profits, are without effect. Since they’re a functional monopoly they will just pass these fines on as operating costs to their users. If corporate behavior is to be modified you either must assure that officers of the business are sent to jail (unfortunately this is highly unlikely), or business licenses are suspended, or political actions are taken to break them up (anti-monopolistic actions). And how many politicians will go ahead on such actions if Comcast can easily donate tens of millions of dollars to them, or (if stymied), to any running against them? (For which we may thank Justice Roberts for “Citizens United”)


that’s got to be pretty succeeding you break the law 450,000 times and you don’t succeed in bilking customers - you’d think at some point those idiots would’ve just stopped trying.

If you break the law 100 times, that’s your problem. If you break the law 100 million times, that’s the law’s problem.


I get the exact same “protection plan” offers from Frontier (Verizon) every time I contact customer service for anything, to the point that every quote they give me includes this service, that I didn’t ask for, requiring me to verbally remove it from the quote. This goes deeper than just one company.

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