Minnesota Attorney General's suit catalogs the many lies of Comcast

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Coming soon: a Federal determination that only the FCC can prosecute such a suit.


Comcast/Xfinity came to another consumer’s door…

To make things more interesting, that job is usually outsourced to local businesses that hire people on a 1099 basis. I’ve had the same retired dude come to my door twice in the same week, after I told him I have no interest in doing business with Comcast’s twin, the company formerly known as Time-Warner Cable. He tried to stammer out his rebuttal, that sure, they used to be evil, but that’s all in the past. I thought the poor guy was going to weep, he finally got somebody to actually talk to him and they were a firm “no.”

I’ve worked for companies like his. They’re unspeakably slimy, even if they have something better than Comcast to sell.


“The many lies of Comcast” are four individual incidents? You realize they churn through thousands of sales reps who call on thousands of customers each, right? Four incidents is a ludicrously low bar for any kind of implication that Comcast as an entity lies.

This reminds me of how customers used to say “the field tech lied to me” and one day I explained to one that the meaning of the word “lie” assumes intent–that what she should say is the field tech said something that was factually incorrect. My supervisor gave me a look and said, “Customers don’t have to know what words mean.”

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I got Comcast about 2 years ago. I asked them “what will my total bill be including all the fees” and she told me and she was correct. Now come April all my promotions will be gone and I’ll have to deal with them again, so maybe my opinion will change.

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I got the same treatment. Promises of a locked, discounted rate, if I signed a 2 year contract and put my payment on auto draft. I can’t even remember what I was promised now, but it’s gone up several times, and it’s always because of something “beyond their control”. But what are you going to do? They have a monopoly, there is no alternative. I’ve never lived anywhere that had a viable alternative to the local cable company. And don’t even get me started on data caps.

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It’s called a “representative sample.”


If you live in a state where they are legal, perhaps you should investigate setting up a municipal ISP…

so, no strong feelings? :slight_smile:

when a company has a near monopoly in many markets and the government organization that is supposed to be oversight in their pocket, it is time to step in, glad Minnesota’s AG has stepped up.

unfortunately, the entire system/u.s. government is a moving bus on fire right now, fires on every front. it can be hard to get the momentum needed to address these issues currently, which is a situation many are trying to exploit. thanks republicans.

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