Comcast changes customer's name on bill to “Asshole Brown”

What we’re talking about here is asshole relativity. First you have to look at the mass of asshole of the customer versus the mass of asshole of the entirety of Comcast’s embarrassing history of customer service. After working the equation you find that Comcast is the equivalent of a super massive blackhole of assholes versus the customer that is more or less a spec of dust of asshole in comparison. So even if the customer was being a bit of an asshole it still comes nowhere close to the gross abuse of comcasts asshole. (0.o)

…and this ladies and gentleman was my thesis paper on the grand unified theory of assholes.

The guy from Comcast who called to apologize had to offer his own public apology after he threatened to defund a nonprofit group for tweeting negative things about Comcast. Here’s what they tweeted and his reaction.

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