Comcast changes customer's name on bill to “Asshole Brown”




In other news: Comcast rebranding to Asshole-cast.


Maybe the guy really is an asshole?


If a corporation could be a person then Comcast would be an asshole.


“Your honor, I don’t know who this Asshole Brown is, but I’m not paying his bill.” Case dismissed.


Brown, Asshole. teehee



I wish Comcast treated me this well.


I miss the old days when the worst you’d get called was “Encyclopedia Brown.”


Hell, Comcast can put whatever rude name they like on my bill if I can get 4 years free service out of it.



I read stories like this and I cannot help but be reminded on one of my personal rules of life:

“Never, ever, ever… ever,ever,ever put a curse word in code. Not even in a comment. Ever.”

That shit always finds a way to the customer.


Christ, what an asshole.


that’s just bad hygiene.


This reminds me of the saga of “Bitch Dog” and “Scrotum Bag Barnes”, a classic from ten years ago. Comcast is at it again!


In other words: “The person who did this should be fired or held accountable in some way, but that would require a lot of digging and expensive paperwork, so we’re just going to offer this panacea and move on.”

Still it’s not the worst thing Comcast has ever done.


Oh yeah, they should totally be allowed to merge with another cable company and become even bigger…


I assume you’ve never worked in sales? If the customer is an asshole, the correct response is, “Thank you very much, have a nice day.”


He should just not pay the bill. “Hey, sorry, I think you got the wrong person, I’m certainly not Mr. Brown.”


The customer is only an asshole until he pays you the money - then he becomes MR. Asshole.