Comcast leaves customer on hold for 3 hours, closes the office and goes home

And then throw dog poop on their shoes?

I’ve never heard of low balance charges. Is this a common thing where you live, cos it doesn’t seem to be in the UK? Sounds somewhat crappy.

It’s fairly common. What some banks do is offer two different savings accounts: one with a very low interest rate that you can keep two pennies in, if you want to, with no penalties, and one with a higher interest rate that will penalize you if your balance dips below a certain amount. Some banks just have the latter as their standard. In my case, the bank had fees if your balance was below ten dollars, if I remember correctly, and since I had a zero balance, they were adding fees every month without my knowledge.

Didn’t the fees take you over the ten dollar minimum? I’m guessing the bank have some cunning get-out clause/exclusion/excuse?

Thinking about it, there are savings accounts here that have a minimum deposit but I don’t know what happens if you go under that. I presume you just don’t get any interest. More common is a higher rate for a longer notice period (eg. 90 days) but if you want your money quicker you forfeit a certain amount of interest.

The fees didn’t add to my account balance. I had nothing in my account, and they were automatically adding fees every month to my zero balance. They didn’t realize it until I called and pointed out that I’d closed the account years before.

Of course. Sorry, ignore me, I’m being thick :frowning:

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