Come and Take It uterus tees to support Texas Planned Parenthood

Kyle from Bumperactive sez, "Support the thousands of Texans standing for Women’s Reproductive Freedom at the State Capitol this morning with a ‘Come And Take It’ Uterus tee, printed by Austin printshop Bumperactive and designed by liberal Texas troublemakers Cole Latimer and Carrie Collier-Brown. $12.00 from the sale of each $25.00 benefits Planned Parenthood of… READ THE REST

… … … Um… Phrasing…

Obligatory 300 reference 1


There’s a bit of a missed opportunity here; the uterus could easily have been printed where it lives…

Just because it’s worth sharing more widely - the Dallas Stars’ widely panned “mooterus” logo

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I…am just not sure about this. Isn’t that exactly what the right is TRYING to do? Maybe not take my uterus itself, but take control of it. Unless we are talking about an unwanted fetus and then we DO want someone to come and take it.

Years ago someone had modified a UT bumper sticker so that instead of the longhorn shape, it had the shape of a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Glad to see the idea has continued…

@aayers324: said it best “On Second thought I can see
how NC got confused on this one” #vaginamotorcycle (


Lifted from Rachel Maddow regarding similar legislation in NC which was snuck into a motorcycle safety bill.

I would post this as an image, but my account was lost in the transition, and I am not allowed to post images as a “new” user. is the historic flag from Texas history that the shirt is referring to. More details at:

The flying uterus has also been a satire/criticism of UT-Austin’s longhorn logo, which sells a large number of t-shirts in the color scheme presented here (“burnt” orange and white).


I am in Texas so I am well aware of the imagery. I see similar stickers (with cannons on them) on the back of 2nd amendment supporter’s trucks. I still find the message garbled.

Molon Labia?

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My reaction when I saw graphic in the Gallery during Wendy’s filibuster, was “Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant”

The Battle of Gonzales figured prominently in my Texas History class; so much so that I teared up the first time I saw the replica flag at the San Jacinto museum. For those of us with that kind of Texian roots, this flag is an absolute clear challenge: “I stand for liberty. Come and take it – if you can.”, and thus the perfect symbol for this moment.

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You can have my uterus when you pry it from my cold, dead…

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