Judge blocks Texas from defunding Planned Parenthood

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Don’t forget Planned Parenthood helps trans folks as well. In my area of the country they prescribe hormones, or refer to reliable docs that do. They are also the only place a transgender man like me can go for gyno exams without an entire doc’s office turning up to eyeball me. (which, you know, makes it all so much more comfortable. . . )


Judge blocks Texas from defunding Planned Parenthood for the 49th Time.

I don’t understand how many times that fake video has to be debunked before it’s debunked? If a video played to your confirmation bias, but proved to be a hoax, how many times would you call your state legislator’s office demanding they take action against the hoax?


how many times would you call your state legislator’s office demanding they take action against the hoax?

Judging by my Facebook feed sometimes, more than 100%.


In Apartheid South Africa, the anglophone judges were almost constantly trying to block the government, but even the SA government realised that removing judges would not play well abroad. It seems history is repeating itself.


It’s almost like they never study history.

As for the news itself


Children growing up right now in the U.S. are going to have a different dream for their career goal: forget growing up to be president – any jerk can do that – they’re going to want to be part of the heroic judicial branch.


California threatens secession to make their lives better; Texas threatens it to cause more pain.

Why, guys? why.




And this is the Attorney General of the state of Texas? JFC, man, you brought a case WITHOUT ANY PROOF–how the fuck did you pass the bar exam? And why isn’t your law license being suspended for this kind of bullshit?


Texas goes troglodyte, again.


This, I think, is part of the problem. Politicians who take the time to do that (John Kerry, for instance, or the British politician Alan Clark) tend to come over as élitist and not to get the top jobs. But then Clark was one of the people who observed that we learn from history that almost all political careers end in failure if they go on long enough, which is perhaps in itself a disincentive to wanting to be President/PM etc.

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Because you’re not in the U.S. perhaps you don’t recognize the reference, but for kids in this country, “I want to be the President when I grow up” is one of the top aspirations if they’re asked while still in primary school.


It’s really bizarre. Living in Texas, I hear news stories from our elected officials almost daily where they claim Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. The local reporters always include some disclaimer that the evidence is known to be faked. Yet, the elected asshats keep repeating the same lies and they keep getting re-elected. That faked video has done its job and has done it well.



Sorry, I failed to notice it was one of your posts. Normally I don’t reply to them as I tend to get a hostile reaction. So I’ve deleted it. Oh, and yes, I did get the reference.

Why do you keep saying that, and doing that? I’ve asked you before, but you never answer. As far as I can tell, my posts responding to your posts are in the same tone, so how is that hostile?


I never wanted to be President. Long hours, hectic travel schedule, frenetic pace, and I would still get criticized every day and probably shot at once or twice.

I would much rather be the guy who bribes the President :grin:


Being a Lobbyist is going to be huge. Need a re-write to that ‘plastics’ line in the movie “The Graduate” … Lobbying, it’s the future.


Judge blocks Texas from defunding Planned Parenthood

I wish people would stop using the terms “funding” and “defunding” in relation to this issue.

Planned Parenthood is providing professional services (health care) to a person who has some form of insurance or health care coverage (medicaid or whatnot). The entity providing health care coverage (in this case, the state of TX), then must pay for the services. Planned Parenthood is receiving the same payment with the same terms as anyone else who is licensed and credentialed to provide the same services. When I see a patient with pneumonia and bill medicaid or Blue Cross, they are not “funding” me, they are paying me.

Your boss does not “fund” you every two weeks and she is not “subsidizing” your toyota camry, she is paying you for your work.

Using terms like “funding” and “subsidizing” suggests that Planned Parenthood is receiving some special stack of tax-payer money which can justifiably be withheld.