Texas Attorney General threatens to prosecute over court-ordered emergency abortion of unviable fetus doctors say endangers the mother

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What a fucking inhuman pile of shit that guy is.
The poor woman. I can’t even imagine the grief and fear of going through such a pregnancy, and then to have it all made so public. :sob:
My heart goes out to her.


Texas will not be free until we are rid of Ken Paxton.


may i add – women will never be free until men no can longer control the decisions they make with their own bodies.


Fascism and corruption always go hand-in-hand. The only thing that could sway Paxton is another big bribe.


There was a group looking for a test case to bring before the court. She volunteered. Still a horrible situation.


Yeah, I get that. But she def didn’t volunteer to have a non viable fetus. Nor be required to launch a court case to protect her well being.

This part. It’s a shameful tragedy. It’s devastating and infuriating to see this happening in our country. I really admire the strength of people like Cox for taking a stand against it, but I wish they didn’t have to.


If you think it is necessary.

As a Texas woman I frankly hope everyone understands what I mean is NOWHERE IS FREE OR SAFE IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW.

But for us right here living with the subject matter at hand day to day… this man is one big reason why.




I hope the doctors and hospital involved go ahead with the procedure, in spite of the threat from Paxton. Doctors and hospitals are going to start having to take some risks to stand up for their patients. And yes, we need a case to use to challenge these laws, and that case won’t happen until someone pushes back. This is the time.

I don’t think it’s right to wish for someone’s death, but Ken Paxton makes it really, really hard for me to not do that. The man should have been found guilty in his impeachment trial, and he should be in jail. In a party full of absolutely horrible people, he is probably among the top 5 worst.


I was thinking about this, I would like Paxton to be visited by a plague of gallstones; that he is forced to carry to full-term.


A good start would be for organizations and people (like Kate Cox) to oppose Asshole General Paxton kicking his securities fraud trial (for which he was indicted over eight years ago) down the road. [Which you know he’s going to try to do again before his trial date comes up in April.] You bet your ass that if he did charge a doctor with performing an abortion they wouldn’t get to delay and delay their trial for eight :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: years.

Now I don’t know how strong the evidence against Paxton is. But if he gets convicted, he could be out of everyone’s hair for the rest of his life. From the article at the first link in this post:

Paxton faces two counts of securities fraud, a first-degree felony with a punishment of up to 99 years in prison. Paxton also faces one count of failing to register with state securities regulators, a third-degree felony with a maximum of 10 years in prison.


This woman is such a brave volunteer; her tragic situation is ideal for helping change these ridiculous anti-woman laws.


Add kidney stones to that list as well; both are gifts that keep on giving.


Paxton doesn’t get out of bed unless he can spin it for a Fox News blurb.

Any of the actual job of representing state agencies is too much work.


I know this is Texas, but what the bleep?


In the letter, Paxton also said that the judge was “not medically qualified to make this determination.” (according to WaPo)

I wonder what Paxton’s medical qualifications are?


Is Ken Paxton doing a kind of “supermarket dash of evil”, trying to accumulate as many truly heinous acts as he can before the whistle blows and he goes to jail for the rest of his life? Because it certainly looks that way.


I hope they do too and I also think about how the work medical professionals do is stressful enough without having to worry about the threat of prosecution. This is something I’ve heard quite a few talk about. In this case they have a small amount of time to prepare, but there are many others where they have to make rapid decisions in the emergency room. They shouldn’t have to worry about being sued or prosecuted while they’re trying to save lives.


As a fellow Texan, the state and many of its people are an embarrassment.
Paxton and his ilk really foul up this place.

Here’s one way these morons are trying to be free.