Come play 'Badass Dragons of the Wasteland,' our BBS door game




All that is needed for the zombies to succeed is for good drivers to do nothing stuck_out_tongue


Also, if you're having a "jeez what car would I even pick" moment, Steampunk Banana and Daneel have put together a showroom of options.


I haven't heard the phrase 'door' used in the BBS context for so long - and while I've no interest in playing, I am now smiling at and reminiscing about a simpler time. Thanks : )


OK, I used to BBS quite a bit, and I don't recollect the use of the word "door" in a BBS context. Can someone please enlighten me?



Land of Devastation please! OR Solar Realms Elite..or Trade Wars 2002...walruspurrs


Muscle Car on Acid with its own soundtrack...


Jeez, it looks and sounds like you were born in this Wasteland. Why the hell ain't you playing?!


Didn't mean to offend or anything, of course, but did you really join the BBS just to say that?

We're just trying to organize a game between BBS users. If we mislabeled our game, sorry; I must have been ignorant of the proper definition of a door game.





PSA: Please do not feed the trolls wink


Well, that's why we're not driving in via Hollywood, right?


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