It's time for a new BBS game

OK, I hope I have not missed the boat, but I think, Patrace and DonaldPeterson, et al., it’s time for another BoingBoing BBS game. My vote is for Old West Cyperpunk. Patrace was the master GM, and my vote is for you to be the master of ceremonies. I would volunteer, but I’d be terrible at it. What say you?

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How does the game work? its a bit cryptic

It’s a BBS-based text adventure game with turns, and all you have to do is develop your character and make certain choices provided by the GM. Not hard. LOADS of fun. Look up Badass Space Dragon on this BBS and read from day 1. It started modest and turned into something sublime. It would be wonderful to do a round 2, with a different world, and you are more than welcome to participate.

I think we would need to do a kickstarter so Patrace can take off a month or so from work to run it.


OK ok ok, I’ll volunteer to develop an interface with the BBS so it’s easier to run.

I could help with back story or something. I just don’t have time to spearhead something (actually have a job this time).

I’d like to be a part of this, too. It sounds really neat. I’d be happy to do some little things to help out.

I can’t believe I missed seeing this… but then I was headed out of town last month. Now’s a much better time for me anyway. I’m in!

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Okay can we launch this then? I saw about 32 PM’s in my inbox before codinghoror closed the thread.

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There’s some planning going on here: Badass Space Dragon - GM Toolkit Development

There was also some parallel discussion here: BBS Game that redirected to the former.

I’d suggest we keep this thread here for pregame hype and the GM-toolkit discussion related to the toolset.

relevant to your query, danegeld, would be Badass Space Dragon - GM Toolkit Development


Speaking of Pre-Game Hype

Get your motors runnin’


@Donald_Petersen, @penguinchris, and I are prepping.

So when is this going to start?

I’ve totally decided on a car* and everything!

*shortlist of 4

We’re still working on it. @penguinchris and I have been working on the spreadsheet and all of the necessary calculations, while @Donald_Petersen has been working on the storyline. I think that we have the spreadsheet under control, but we still have to do a bunch of trial runs to make sure that the calculations are going to come out fair and balanced (hehe).

As far as I’m concerned, I reckon that we’ll need a couple of more days. I didn’t consult with my coworkers before saying that though (oops), so that timeline may be subject to revision.


I want to add that @penguinchris is doing some really awesome, and very awesome, time-consuming illustrations, which are awesome.

Ok, so we’re in good shape here. It sounds like things are probably going to start exactly, or very near, the schedule that I mentioned.

Please @daneel, tell me your shortlist. I was initially planning on being a player, so I’d actually really like to hear what kinds of things you guys are going for, so I can live vicariously. I had a 4-car shortlist too, but please note that my shortlist was established 100% before I started helping out behind the scenes.

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The time has come.

The time is now.

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